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Recommended Retail Price 144.9

Brookhaven Women - Midnight Blue

Fashionable crossover jacket
Sale price€95,00
ex. VAT. by/min. 25 pcs.

This light quilted crossover you definitely want to keep on hands at all time. Brookhaven is the ideal layering piece for between the seasons. Carry it along and wear it when in need of a bit of warmth and still in need of a crisp look. With this crossover you can start any day with ease and comfort.

  • Light, quilted crossover jacket
  • Hidden zipper at side pockets
  • Strategically placed leather badge with logo

1995 | History

Nimbus was created from rethinking the perception of profile clothing.
Today, after more than 25 years, we continue to strive for building high-end corporate fashion - in an elegant design and a premium quality that help other brands tell their own special story.