Behind the Elephants

”At Carl´s it´s all about creating memorable tasting experience, presence and good memories”.

Carl's Øl & Spisehus

Behind the big and historical elephant gate at the Carlsberg City in Copenhagen, you will at the corner of the street Behind The Elephants, find Carl’s Øl & Spisehus, which is an authentic restaurant & bar named after brewer Carl Jacobsen, who was the son of Carlberg’s founder J.C. Jacobsen.

Authentic and informal atmosphere

Carl’s houses an amazing energy and atmosphere that bring people together. From the first moment you enter the restaurant you will feel the sense of the authentic and informal atmosphere. An atmosphere that reflects the history of the pasts old brewery workers who lived in the Carlsberg City.

The design of the restaurant is inspired by Carlsberg's brewery culture and history. Carl’s have raw concrete floors, visible pillars and an open kitchen which give you a closer connection to the people who prepare your meal.

The menu card

The menu follows the season's range of ingredients, and the beer on the taps is constantly in rotation. At Carl’s, the beer plays the main role both in the kitchen and on the drink menu. You can choose between 100 differences beers in a 70 meter long bar with more than 20 taps.

Make sure to stop by

If you’re planning to make a visit to Copenhagen, make sure to stop by Behind The Elephants and enjoy delicacies, unique brasserie dishes along with a wide selection of either classic or specialty beers. Book a table or simply just meet up at the bar and explore the inspiring surroundings and kindly staff at Carl’s.