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Newport Men - Black

Luxury lightweight crewneck
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The luxurious lightweight crewneck Newport is a loungy but still elegant fashion statement that adds comfort and uniqueness to whatever look you might choose. This classic sweatshirt is a great go-to when you are heading out for a casual day, but still want to look well dressed, edgy and sharp. Ladies version features a more classy and feminine neck detail.

  • Organic cotton
  • V-notch design detail
  • Insert piece at the side
  • Decorative detailing

Made with Organic cotton

Certified Organic Cotton means that the cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizer and other toxic chemicals.

1995 | History

Nimbus was created from rethinking the perception of profile clothing.
Today, after more than 25 years, we continue to strive for building high-end corporate fashion - in an elegant design and a premium quality that help other brands tell their own special story.