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Aspen Men - Black

Ultra-lightweight jacket
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Aspen is an airy and ultra-lightweight hooded jacket. It is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to carry or stow away when the temperature rise.

This lofty and featherlight all-season piece of outerwear is made from recycled nylon and the incredibly strong, thin, and flexible material Graphene, which makes Aspen a true essential for any outdoor activity.

Enjoy the unique benefits of the eco-efficient Sorona® Aura insulation that delivers the down-like puffiness and high comfort you’ll reach for all year round.

  • Recycled Fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Zipped side pockets

Innovative material - Graphene

We take pride in using premium materials, and Graphene is our latest addition of an innovative, powerful material with great features.

Graphene is a revolutionary strong, light, and flexible material, known for its thermal features. It allows your body temperature to adjust in both warmer and colder weather conditions, all while providing breathable and comfortable garments.

Sorona® Aura

Sorona® Aura fiber insulation offers lightweight, breathable and warmth features. It is an eco-efficient performance fiber, partially plant-based and recyclable in any normal polyester recycling stream.